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NHFD Newsletter August 2016 Latest newsletter is now available.

FFN invites you to join the 5th Global Congress 2016 Rome, Italy 1-3 September

5th National Hip Fracture Conference, Ireland Dublin, 2 November 2016

The Science of Improvement Conference 2016 Harrogate, 21-22 November 2016

BOA Annual Congress Belfast 13-16 September 2016

17th Internal Conference on Falls and Postural Stability (British Geriatrics Society) 16 September, Edinburgh

RCN Society of Orthopaedic and Trauma Nursing conference and exhibition 2016 8-9 September, City Hall, Cardiff

British Geriatrics Society Autumn Meeting 2016 23-25 November, Glasgow

International Collaboration of Orthopaedic Nursing (ICON) Conference 2016 The 9th Biennial Orthopaedic Nursing Conference 28-29 October 2016, Hong Kong

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Welcome to the National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD)

The NHFD is a national clinical audit project designed to facilitate improvements in the quality of hip fracture care.

2015 Annual report

This report considers the care of patients with hip fracture, but it also has much wider implications. Hip fracture is an ideal marker condition with which to examine and challenge the quality and outcome of the care offered to frail and older patients by the modern NHS.

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Previous Reports

Hospital dashboards

Progress charts and summaries for every hospital participating in the audit database.

Updated: "My hip fracture care" patient booklet

The NHFD have released a helpful booklet to support patients undergoing hip fracture treatment.
My hip fracture care: 12 Questions to ask - A guide for patients, their families and carers

New: 2015 annual report supplement - An analysis of 30-day mortality in 2014

This year, we were unable to include mortality results in our annual report as in previous years. ONS date of death data were finally available in November 2015, which enabled this analysis. This report complements the descriptions of performance and patient outcomes in our 2015 annual report.
NHFD 2015 annual report supplement - An analysis of 30-day mortality in 2014